Report & Proposal Writing

Report & Proposal Writing

Course Overview:

Poor writing can lead to the downfall of a company.This course is intended to help you do the report and proposal writing your job demands. Often if you are an employee at any level in business, government, or industry, you must write reports and proposals.

Whether you want to or not, you must write to explain things, to smooth relationships, and/or to convince others of the value of some course of action. Such writing must be clear, concise, complete, and correct. It must also convey your message in a courteous tone.

Course Outline:

SECTION 1:    Why Write?

  • Your Audience
  • Company Image

SECTION 2:    Becoming a good Writer

  • The Requirements
  • Clear, Concise, Complete, Correct
  • Unity, Coherence and Emphasis
  • The Readability Index
  • The Nine Rules of Writing

SECTION 3:    Sentences and Paragraphs

  • Sentence Structure and Construction
  • Using Sentences Effectively
  • The Purpose of Paragraphs
  • Effective Paragraphs

SECTION 4:    Courtesy in Writing

  • Professionalism
  • Human Factor

SECTION 5:    Punctuation

  • Apostrophe
  • Colon
  • Semi-Colon
  • Comma

SECTION 6:    Elements of Writing

  • Word Agreement
  • Active vs Passive Voice
  • Inclusive Language
  • Linking Words

SECTION 7:    Spelling and Proofreading

  • Getting it Right
  • Impression
  • Common Spelling Errors

SECTION 8:    The Stages of Report Writing

  • The Four Stages

SECTION 9:    The First Stage: Investigation

SECTION 10:    The Second Stage: Planning

  • The Planning Sequence
  • Audience
  • Using the Correct Format
  • Direct / Indirect Approach
  • Organisation

SECTION 11:    The Third Stage: Writing

  • Drafting your Report
  • Creating your Report

SECTION 12:    The Fourth Stage: Revision

  • Evidence
  • The Rules of Evidence

SECTION 13:    Formal Reports

SECTION 14:    Headings     

  • How to Use Headings

SECTION 15:    Charts and Graphs      

  • How to Use Graphic Aids

SECTION 16:    Writing Proposals      

SECTION 17:    The Acid Test     

SECTION 18:    Designing your Message     

SECTION 19:    Dealing with Tough Questions

Course reference: RPT115

Duration: Two Days (2 Days)

Time: 09h00 - 15h30

Type: Onsite at your work premises, Open (Public) Course, E-learning (Online) course, Online via Google Meet

Fact: Report and proposal writing forms a large part of a person’s impression of the writer as well as the organisation.

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Training Methods: This workshop includes dynamic trainee/trainer interactions and discussions, written and oral exercises, role plays, case studies, reflection, quizzes and a workbook for each participant to take back to the workplace.

Target Audience: All individuals and professionals who would like to strengthen their report and proposal writing skills and work confidently with others while creating the right impression.

  • I have certainly learnt a lot that will definitely be taken back to my workplace.

    Samantha: Customer Service Training

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