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Palomino Training Solutions

Powered by enthusiasm, commitment and passion, we are driven to make a positive impact on businesses to improve and succeed.

Our mission

Our Mission

Empowering others to help themselves through training, education & motivation.

We help businesses innovate and grow by ensuring the delivery of the right training solution for all employees.

Why Choose Us?

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Is this your current problem?

  • Does your receptionist lack the professionalism that WOWS your customers?
  • Are your supervisors wasting endless time dealing with issues that should be dealt with more efficiently?
  • Do your call centre staff lack the necessary skills to deal with problem customers?
  • Is conflict being avoided and causing underlying issues?
  • Are you struggling to keep up with your daily routine?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe it's time to contact Palomino Training Solutions.
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What sets us apart

  • Corporate training with over 150 workshops to choose from
  • Accreditation with the Services SETA
  • World class facilitators with a wealth of experience and knowledge
  • Continued support with useful templates and worksheets
  • Reasonable rates for presented open courses as well as on-site training
  • Reasonable rates for online training
  • Flexibility, understanding and a CAN-DO attitude

Let's work on the right training solution for your business.

  • This course makes you aware of your behaviour - excellent practical examples, clear and concise.

    Amanda: Building Lasting Relationships

Our mission

'Empowering others to help themselves through training, education & motivation.'