Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Birds rely on vision to survive - always focused and alert. In today’s society, we are bombarded with messages to believe various ideas, purchase products, support causes, and lead our lifestyle in a particular way. This course will give you the ability to have clear focus like a bird to reason through problems and present arguments in a logical, compelling way.

You’ll learn what critical thinking is all about, what characteristics a critical thinker has, and what skills you may want to work on. Then, you’ll work your way through a seven-step critical thinking model. Supporting skills, such as asking good questions, applying common sense, and thinking creatively, are also covered.


Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Understanding Critical Thinking

  1. What is Critical Thinking?
  2. Characteristics of a Critical Thinker
  3. Common Critical Thinking Styles
  4. Making Connections

Session Three: Where Do Other Types of Thinking Fit In?

  1. Left- and Right-Brain Thinking
  2. Whole-Brain Thinking

Session Four: Pitfalls to Reasoned Decision Making

Session Five: The Critical Thinking Process

  1. The Critical Thinking Model
  2. The Standards of Critical Thinking
  3. Identifying the Issues
  4. Identifying the Arguments
  5. Clarifying the Issues and Arguments
  6. Establishing Context
  7. Checking Credibility and Consistency
  8. Evaluating Arguments
  9. Case Study

Session Six: A Critical Thinker’s Skill Set

  1. Asking Questions
  2. Probing Techniques
  3. Pushing My Buttons
  4. Critical Thinking Questions
  5. Active Listening Skills

Session Seven: Creating Explanations

  1. Defining Explanations
  2. Steps to Building an Explanation
  3. Making Connections

Session Eight: Dealing with Assumptions

Session Nine: Common Sense

Session Ten: Critical and Creative Thought Systems

  1. Techniques for Thinking Creatively
  2. Creative Thinking Exercise
  3. DeBono’s Thinking Hats

Session Eleven: Putting It Into Practice

  1. Presenting and Communicating Your Ideas to Others
  2. Pre-Assignment Preparation
  3. Presentations

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan

Course reference: CRT515

Duration: One day

Type: Onsite at your work premises, Open (Public) Course, E-learning (Online) course, Online via Google Meet

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