Report Writing Skills

Report Writing Skills

Course Overview:

 A beetle's movements and motives are intentional and purposeful, just like our approach to report writing should be. Often, if you are an employee at any level, you must write reports. Poor report writing is noticeable good report writing can lead you to success. This course is intended to help you do the report writing your job demands.

Whether you want to or not, you must write to explain things, to smooth relationships, and/or to convince others of the value of some course of action. Such writing must be clear, concise, complete, and correct. It must also convey your message in a courteous tone. The workshop will help you to identify the range of this kind of writing, the forms it takes, and the persuasive techniques it requires.

Course Outline:


  • Overview
  • What you’ll learn

Section 1: Prepare for Success

  • Section outcomes
  • Researching your report efficiently
  • Defining your purpose
  • Three questions you must ask before writing
  • Preparing for success – key points to remember

 Section 2: Winning report format

  • Section outcomes
  • Meeting expectations for your report: defining your brief
  • The sections of a report
  • Executive summary – tips
  • Sample Executive Summaries
  • Report formats: key points to remember

Section 3: Plan and present your ideas

  • Section outcomes
  • Structure your report in 5-minutes
  • How to make your writing flow 1: powerful paragraphs
  • How to make your writing flow 2: ordering paragraphs logically
  • How to make your writing flow 3: ordering your sentences
  • Signposting your report
  • Report writing style: tips for readability
  • Planning and presenting your ideas powerfully: key points to remember

Section 4: Polish and proof like a pro

  • Section outcomes
  • Design tips for report writers
  • Polishing and proofing your report: tips
  • Proofing and polishing: key points to remember

Course reference: RPT116

Duration: One Day (1 Day)

Time: 09h00 - 15h30

Type: Onsite at your work premises, Open (Public) Course, Online via Google Meet

Fact: Report writing forms a large part of a person’s impression of the writer as well as the organisation.

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Training Methods: This workshop includes dynamic trainee/trainer interactions and discussions, written and oral exercises, role plays, case studies, reflection, quizzes and a workbook for each participant to take back to the workplace.

Target Audience: All individuals and professionals who would like to strengthen their report writing skills and work confidently with others while creating the right impression.

  • I have certainly learnt a lot that will definitely be taken back to my workplace.

    Samantha: Customer Service Training

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