What is the purpose of the Skills Development Act?

The purposes of the Skills Development Act are:

  • to develop the skills of the South African workforce-
    • to improve the quality of life of workers, their prospects of work and labour mobility;
    • to improve productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of employers;
    • to promote self-employment; and
    • to improve the delivery of social services;
  • to increase the levels of investment in education and training in the labour market and to improve the return on that investment;
  • to encourage employers-
    • to use the workplace as an active learning environment;
    • to provide employees with the opportunities to acquire new skills;
    • to provide opportunities for new entrants to the labour market to gain work experience; and
    • to employ persons who find it difficult to be employed;
  • to encourage workers to participate in learning programmes;
  • to improve the employment prospects of persons previously disadvantaged by unfair discrimination and to redress those disadvantages through training and education;
  • to ensure the quality of learning in and for the workplace;
  • to assist-
    • work-seekers to find work;
    • retrenched workers to re-enter the labour market;
    • employers to find qualified employees; and h)to provide and regulate employment services.

Those purposes are to be achieved through:

  • an institutional and financial framework comprising-
    • the National Skills Authority;
    • the National Skills Fund;
    • a skills development levy-financing scheme as contemplated in the Skills Development Levies Act;
    • SETAs;
    • provincial offices of the Department;
    • labour centres of the Department;
    • accredited trade test centres;
    • skills development institutes;
    • the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations;
    • a skills development forum for each province;
    • a national artisan moderation body;
    • and Productivity South Africa;
  • encouraging partnerships between the public and private sectors of the economy to provide learning in and for the workplace; and
  • co-operating with the South African Qualifications Authority.

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